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Very contemporary and sensual, Melissa tries to ignore us for better getting our attention. With her tilted head, tight belly and Latin camber, she is the ultimate expression of the characters with high erotic potential, further exacerbated by her nudity which gives her the elegance and grace.

A classic piece at first sight, the artwork reveals its modern character not only by the chosen material, but also by its form, which is not really an ancient bas-relief, nor a statue carved in a mineral block. She  conquers this netherworld, an unexplored area of contemporary sculpture, by playing with the spectator’s attention and his perception of curves and volumes.

Serial number: Unique piece

Size: 82 / 23 / 16 cm

Product specification sheet

Artist BEGRAAL Location France
Typology Sculpture Certificate Yes
Invoice Yes Price range 3001 to 10.000 euros
Showcasing Collections, Most recent works for sale, Our favorites Artistic style Figuration
Addressed themes Nude, Portraits & people Typology of seller Individual